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Top 5 tips to manage your media contacts

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

As an entrepreneur, you always need to be prepared to be approached by a journalist and also should be actively reaching out to media people in order to gain exposure.

If you are building a new brand in the media from the ground up, the key is to respect others. Build your network strategically and never make enemies. Be authentic. It might sound like a cliche, but too many people in business start "faking" in the startup phase, because you don't have many clients or much exposure in the beginning. People tend to boost the truth that can come out as a lie...the advent of social media means there is no way you won't be found out. Keeping your reputation should be a major focus at all times, both in business and in life.

“Opportunities don't happen. You create them.” - Chris Grosser

Top 5 tips on building your media list

  1. Start a spread sheet with all your journo contacts, include columns where you can record each phone call or email correspondence, and the journalist's response to a story or a pitch you made.

  2. Remember never to be offended or take it personally if a journalist does not get back to you or isn't interested in your story. If you make a good impression just by being polite, they might remember you next time they are writing about a story you would be a good fit for.

  3. If you see a breaking news story about a topic you could comment on, send an "Available for comment" email to every news outlet that are running stories on the topic.

  4. Make networking with media part of your business plan.

  5. Don't forget to thank journalists when they run stories on you.

On top of all this, always be prepared with your bio and a professional photo about yourself and many journalists ask for that if they run a story about you.

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