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My story

A very warm welcome to you! It is so great to have you in our community and hope to be working with you soon to make your business dreams come true. Let us introduce ourselves:

Orsi Parkanyi

Between 2011 and 2016, Orsi founded and grew the Women as Entrepreneurs community in Australia to be a leading networking organisation of 10,000+ female entrepreneurs across the country.




Orsi is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, social change and diversity in business. She is a citizen of both Hungary and Australia, currently living in Oslo, Norway.

Orsi is well known and highly respected in the global innovation and startup space as a passionate advocate for gender and cultural diversity and in assisting a range of business stakeholders including angel investor networks, corporations, government agencies and universities.

When I envision change, I see Women.

We are living in an extremely exiting time when the world is turning to women to be the new thought leaders. It is clear that women represent the largest untapped source of talent and capability, just waiting for the opportunity to flourish. I know this to be true personally. As a child growing up in Eastern Europe in the eighties and nighties, Entrepreneurship was a word unspoken and a road unexplored. Yet, in the past 10 years, since I have been working in the gender equality space, I have to realise women everyone are capable of flourishing in the world of business. Despite this realisation and cultural chance, no country has yet managed to close the gender gap.  

Norway in Numbers

This is why I started WomenAsEntrepreneurs in Australia, and MakeSheHappen in Norway, because I believe that if it takes a village to raise a child, than it certainly takes a community of like-minded women and supportive men, to fix the gender balance in the entrepreneurial world.  


—  In Norway, of all the businesses that attracted investments from 2007 through 2017, only 4,2 percent had a female CEO at the time of initial investment

— 28 percent of Norwegian entrepreneurs are women

— Seven out of ten women work in the public sector

— Of 213 public limited companies in 2017, just 15 were run by a woman, 7 per cent of the total in this respect

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

With the MakeSheHappen community and programs, my goal is to give you highly effective, step-by-step tools and best practices from the startup industry. 

I want all the women out there to know that the barrier of entry into entrepreneurship today is basically non existent. If you have been thinking about going on your own and starting something new, I can help you to foster your determination, motivate you and give you highly cost effective tools to test your ideas. 

A mentor of mine once said to me "Orsi, the risk is not that someone steals your idea. The risk is that nobody cares." That is why it is important to go to market, test the idea, and fail quickly, if need to be. And who knows, if your idea is viable, you may be the next unicorn! This is so exciting, and I am on a mission to let everyone know that with the right tools and support, this does not need to be difficult. 

I invite you to join me and other women on the journey! 

Orsi and her startup ventures have been featured in...
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